Health Tips For a Well-Groomed Look

Health Tips For a Well-Groomed Look

Science says that Nuts are the best health supplements made available to Man. In fact, folklores go on how Man fought Gods to get this amazing life supplement for the betterment of the entire brethren.

Considered as the richest sources of vitamins, iron, proteins and essential minerals, nuts have been in use for health and skin rejuvenation since the times of the Greco-Roman lineage. Queens and courtesans of yore have been known to use nuts to replenish and rejuvenate their skin health to look younger and more graceful.

While we all know about the benefits of nuts for our body and skin health, do you know that the most famous nut of all – Macadamia Nuts are not only a life giver, but also an elixir of youthfulness. One of the most decadent nuts available to humanity, Macadamia nuts are a rich source of Vitamin A, Iron, Protein, Thiamine, Riboflavin and Niacin that are known to be the life givers to hair health.


Apart from the taste and crunch of this amazing dry fruit, that has the entire world in its lure, the nut comes with amazing health benefits. Popularly used as an essential ingredient in hair products, the Macadamia nut revitalizes and repairs hair leaving it ultra-hydrated from roots to ends. The nutty oil is also a great hair rejuvenator and is a must-use ingredient to be added to your everyday beauty staple.

You would probably think that how is Macadamia a good supplement for your hair?

To start off, the mono-saturated fats which are in high concentration builds up a coat on your hair and protects it from breakage and hair loss. To promote healthy hair, its fast absorption property and deep penetration moisturizes each strand of hair weightlessly. Vitamin E being an essential property of this nut helps to soften and rejuvenate hair no matter how thick and coarse curls one has. While protecting from inherent damages, Macadamia nuts also acts as a smoothing agent that adds shine and keeps it detangled eliminating frizz and resulting in more manageable hair.