Are Nail Paints Really Necessary?


Women love to beautify themselves as much as they can from head to toe. And when it comes to nails they’re the oh-so-dazzling salient feature that any woman loves to play around with any shade or style of nail paints along with a retinue of accessories.

While hands are one of the first things that the opposite person notices about you via handshake, further, well-groomed nails have a positive impact on others, boosting personality and self-confidence within. Hence, since the turn of the century, nail paints have been used as an economical means to update nail look and keep abreast of fashion without burning a hole in the pocket.

In the past few years, many beauty influencers have taken nail styling to another dimension introducing miscellaneous variants of colours, styles, accessories and what not! Not only because they look quirky but also in accordance with trends, style statements, moods, occasions etc.  It's becoming an integral part of a beauty regime as it gives a polished and attractive look to your nails. Another reason being it prevents peeling and breakage of nails and also helps get rid of nail biting habit.


Many people think nail paints are harmful, causing immense damage to nail health. Well, you all will be pleased to know the reality is that nails do not actually “breathe,” as they receive their nutrients and oxygen from the bloodstream and not the air. Yes, in its nascent stages nail paints had harmful chemicals in them, but today, most of the nasty chemicals have been removed from nail polish shades, so you can now wear it for longer periods of time without causing damage. Today, you can wear nail paints as you want and as you like without a hoot of worry.

Now, this brings us to the quintessential question – Are Nail Paints really necessary?

Ask any fashionista worth her salt, and the unanimous answer will be YES. Like clothes, Nail Paints don’t only save the natural elements from the vagaries of nature, but also add sass to them. They apart from being great conversation starters also are huge nurturers of the nails keeping them safe from peeling and chipping. So now we got four essential reasons why nail paints are a must. However, just applying nail paints are not enough, but wearing them correct is an essential exercise as well. Experts vouch to the fact that for perfect polished nails one should always keep two essential coats handy.

1)    Base-Coat - If you have ridges in your nails, the base coat will create a more even surface. It helps enamel stick to your nails, preventing the polish from staining nails by yellowing them and stops them from becoming brittle and keeping the polish from peeling.

2)    Top-Coat - The top coat should be applied to seal the paint, prevent chips and give the polish a beautiful shine preventing paint to exhaust.

These coats come in gloss, gel, acrylic and matte consistency that suits well with the desired enamel you choose.


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