Wax Heater

Say goodbye to unwanted hair with wax heaters at home and save from pricy salon visits! Be it arms or legs or your armpits, you can do it all with these wax heaters available online. They can also be used for therapeutic healings. Read More

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  1. Waxxo Double Jar Wax Heater
    Waxxo Double Jar Wax Heater
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    Waxxo Wax Heater Black
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Available in Various Sizes & Shapes

  • These wax heaters are available in varied sizes, shapes, and capacities. Decide your current and future needs when you buy one. You can purchase small sized heaters if you are buying it for home purpose.
  • Knowing your needs and budget can save you a lot of money. If you’re not sure of the current prices, you can always search the costs of wax heater online and compare the prices of different ranges.

Comes with Temperature Setting

  • A high-quality wax warmer heats the wax easily and quickly. These heaters also come with a variable thermostat and adjustable temperature options that permit you to choose the preferred mode as per your requirements. Ensure to check all the features and aspects before you buy a wax heater, as it is never helpful to invest in low-quality items.
  • For prepping both pre-use and in-use wax heating, the precise and steady temperature control option is beneficial. Make sure to buy a wax heater online that comes with adjustable features.

Quiet Portable & Durable Tool

  • Choose the product that you can carry conveniently. If you’re traveling somewhere for long and need to wax your body, compact wax warmers are ideal options to buy. They are highly durable and ergonomic.
  • When you buy a wax heater online, it is essential to select the one that comes with advanced safety features such as convenient handle, see-through cover, and heat level indicators.

How To Use:

  • Pour the wax in the container, adjust the temperature and let it heat.
  • Apply it on the area to be waxed and remove the wax after a fraction of seconds with a waxing strip.

This is as easy as 1,2,3! Waxing was never so convenient. Take your parlor routine to the next level!